Hourly packages are designed for clients who need marketing and design services as well as flexible and complex marketing solutions at a fixed cost. With the changing landscape of most modern businesses and the growing need to support entrepreneurial ventures, many businesses – large and small – do not have capacity to hire and manage an experienced on-site creative staff. Yet the need to quickly find creative solutions remains.

Speedy Solutions

Essentially we are acting as an extension of your business, you can contact us at any time with any marketing and design need and we will work to find a solution as fast and efficient as possible.

Experienced Experts

With dedicated hours to use however you want you have complete access to all of our services. Including our experience in marketing strategy, communication and messaging, as well as a full array of design services that include traditional print, environmental graphics and signage, digital media and web design and builds. We also offer software and technical training for your office and staff to manage and update any media that is kept in-house.

Minimal Commitment

We offer a range of hourly packages, but most design projects can be completed in 15 hours or less. You are able to tryout our services with minimal commitment and if at any time before the package hours are exhausted you decide we are not a good fit, we will refund the remaining hours.

Terms: Hours must be used within one calendar year, plus one month with no refunds for unused hours after expiration.You will receive a notice of your remaining hours a month before the end of the calendar year and their expiration.If hours have not been exhausted and client wishes to terminate services, we will issue a refund for the remaining package hours.Package hours cannot be transferred to or used by another person or business other than the original purchasing company or individual.

For more, see policies, privacy, and terms.

[plan name=”15 Hours” price=”$975″]
[plan name=”25 Hours” price=”$1625″]
[plan name=”50 Hours” price=”$3250″]
[plan name=”100 Hours” price=”$6500″]