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Prices are determined by criteria outlined by the client in the intake meeting/consultation and outlined in a client contract with an initial payment of 50% of total estimate due at the time of booking (non-refundable booking fee). Booking fee with other project hours will be applied to the final invoice. JoyJoy Creations reserves the right to charge additional fees above and beyond said estimate/contract any last minute or unreasonable requests not outlined in the initial estimate. If the estimated time per project is not adequate, the client and designer will renegotiate or terminate contract before any additional charges have been occurred.


JoyJoy Creations hourly packages are designed for clients who need marketing and design services and solutions at a fixed cost. Hourly packages allow you the ability have the flexibility to work on multiple projects without reassessing cost or budgets as well as implement long-term projects that have an undetermined timeline or multiple deliverables.


Speedy Solutions

Essentially we are an extension of your business, you can contact us at any time with a marketing or design need and we will work to find a solution as fast and efficiently as possible.

Experienced Experts

With dedicated hours to use how ever you want, you have complete access to all of our services. Including marketing strategy, communication and messaging, as well as a full array of design services (traditional print, environmental graphics and signage, digital media and web design/builds.) We also offer software and technical training for your staff to manage and update any media production that is kept in-house.

Minimal Commitment

We offer a range of hourly packages, with most design projects completed in 15 hours or less. You are able to tryout our services with minimal commitment. If at any time before the package hours are exhausted you decide we are not a good fit, we will refund the remaining hours.

  • $975

    15-hour package covers most medium sized projects such as multi-page brochure, marketing campaign with 2-3 delivery formats, conceptual presentation and ideation or projects with quick turn-around time. Ideal for those clients with an existing brand identity or established look and feel.

  • 15 Hours
  • $1625

    25-hours of design is the ideal package for clients who have large projects or short-term ongoing marketing needs, such as a quick turnaround time for a multi-faceted product or event promotion. This package is also good for those wanting corporate branding/logos with a complete style guide or small (3-5 page) website.

  • 25 Hours
  • $3250

    50-hours of design is the ideal package for clients who have a combination of medium to large projects or ongoing marketing needs that need a quick turnaround time. This package is a great starter package for clients who have quickly changing marketing needs that range from design, training, consulting, and quick creative solutions.

  • 50 Hours
  • $6500

    100-hour package is the best package for clients who have an ongoing need for marketing, design and consultation. Clients who have a combination of medium to large projects or marketing needs that need a quick turnaround time. Ideal for clients who have rapidly changing marketing needs, diverse product lines, or shifting consumer-base or cyclical sales.

  • 100 Hours